Iolite stone and glass bead necklace


πŸ’œ Metaphysical beliefs say that iolite promotes intuition and self-acceptance. Iolite is associated with the zodiac signs Libra, Sagittarius and Taurus.

πŸ’œ One of September's birtstones.

πŸ’œ The name iolite comes from the Greek word ios, meaning β€œviolet.” Some believe that the gem aids sleep and helps to unlock creativity. Iolite is often cited as the twenty-first wedding anniversary gemstone. (

πŸ’œ According to legend, iolite is called the Viking Compass Stone. It's said that thin slices of iolite served as glare-reducers and polarizing filters that helped ancient Viking navigators locate the sun on cloudy days. This allowed the Nordic mariners to pinpoint their own location on the seas. (

As all stones are different, the approximate size of these stones are .31" wide x .23" long.

Available in honey gold colored glass beads or silver colored glass beads.

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