Gold leafed labradorite pendant on beaded necklace


Labradorite's flash is hard to resist + is called the stone of transformation and courage! If you love minimalistic/delicate/magical jewelry, this is for you.

The stone is said to help calm an overactive mind as well as relieve stress, anxiety, fear and insecurities.

The spectacular colors you can see on Labradorite is called Labradorescence - this happens when light shines on the crystal.

We love this petite charm (.31" x .23") because it works so well on its own or layered up with chunkier pendant necklaces! This necklace is 16" long and has premium-quality glass beads and gold-filled lobster clasp and extender chain.

Please note, as with all natural gemstones, the colors and inclusion patterns may vary slightly.

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